At Stratagem Learning International, we believe that every child should be given the tools and opportunities to achieve his or her dreams. Having experienced the Ghana Education System, our founders identified the need for an improved secondary school curriculum which would give Ghanaian students the academic level required for placement and success at the world’s top universities.

Canada’s high school education system is ranked amongst the best in the world and Canadian universities are renowned internationally. We are happy to have affiliated with TVO’s Independent Learning Centre (ILC) to deliver its high school program in Ghana. This curriculum is founded and developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and offers one of the best ranked high school education programs in the world. Through this affiliation, we aim to deliver education and technical knowledge that will allow our students to excel academically. By combining the Ontario education with our Canadian Experience program, we hope to give our students the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the Canadian way of life.

This unique program is the first of its kind in Ghana and we are confident that it will equip our students with the tools and opportunity to make their dreams a reality!